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Tripod Clothing Rack


 It is fantastic. It is keeping me from panicking with no dryer temporarily. I have many tops and dresses that can't go in the dryer so I will use it for that also. We have a beach week coming up so I can hang sandy things outside.

Mike G.

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Tripod Clothing Rack

    486 reviews


Air drying your clothes has never been easier. This Tripod Clothing Rack has a minimalist design that allows you to dry clothing anywhere, anytime.

With its collapsible design and ability to maintain air circulation, your clothes will never go dull.

And It's super convenient—you can move the drying rack anywhere you need it!
  • Separates clean & dirty water


    The laundry drying rack is designed to allow your clothes to naturally dry. With its ability to maintain air circulation, it will prevent your clothes from going dull.

  • Hands-free wringing


    The laundry rack has an adjustable pole that can extend up to 74” in height. The hanger attachments are adjustable along the pole to your desired height.

  • Removes 99% of bacteria**


    The hanger stand can be used anywhere such as the laundry room, closet, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. It is super convenient because the collapsible rack allows you to move the drying rack anywhere you need it

Adjustable, Portable, and Sturdy!

The hanger slots are designed practically so you can easily fit multiple hangers to dry clothing on one rack. They are spaced so that the clothes are able to air dry while hung on the rack.Sturdy base that supports up to 36 garments

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