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Molly's Marvelous

Molly's Marvelous Plush Mat

Molly's Marvelous Plush Mat

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  • MOLLY'S MARVELOUS PLUSH MAT easily soaks up the water, moisture, mud and dirt that your shoes and boots bring into the house from outside. Use it all around the house in any room including kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, laundry room, front and back doors, even mudrooms


  • AMAZINGLY ABSORBENT FIBERS, good for rainy days, snow, gardening work to keep your indoor environment dry and clean. You can even use it as a bath mat and the fibers are so soft on your feet


  • MACHINE WASHABLE cold water, delicate cycle. Wash with similar colors. Simply dust off the dirt and debris and place inside the washing machine. Little maintenance is required. Enjoy the performance and convenience this black, fluffy rug brings to you


  • GRIPPED BACKING to help prevent slipping, so it stays put on hard wood floor or any smooth surface. Top layer with 100% microfiber, bottom layer PVC. Measures 16"x24", Low profile. Fits under any door, and it won't curl


  • FOR ALL SEASONS AND ALL WEATHER, this little indoor carpet mat is ideal for all seasons and is weather proof. It's great for drying out dripping-wet footwear without your carpets or floors getting wet! You can fit up to 3 pairs of shoes or boots onto the Mat
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