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Molly's Marvelous

Molly's Marvelous Streak-Free Polishing Cloth (White)

Molly's Marvelous Streak-Free Polishing Cloth (White)

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    • MACHINE WASHABLE.  Molly's Cloth is reusable, simply throw in washer, air dry only and do not use fabric softener. Or use warm water to rinse after each clean task.
    • NO MORE CHEMICALS, USE WATER ONLY.  Save your sprays, paper towels and cleaners, simply wet it, wring it and wipe! No more chemicals, no more soggy towels and no more smelly rags. Just a mirror shine every time. Molly’s is great in any room of the house and any surface you want to clean or polish. In the living room Molly’s is great for dusting and polishing fine wood or table tops and easily cleans and polishes all your televisions, tablets, phones and computers in record time.
    • SUPER FINE Texture. It traps and absorbs dirt yet its lint free, super fine weave will not scratch even the finest surface. Its thin texture makes it quick dry to prevent water spots and streaking yet it’s durable enough for any cleaning job. The amazing 3 in 1 cloth that cleans, polishes, and shines, scratch free, spot free, lint free and streak free, every time! The secret is the weave, more absorbent yet lighter than regular rags.
    • ALL PURPOSE. Window cleaning cloths, lens wipes for glasses, kitchen wash rags, shammy towel for car, dust rags, metal polishing cloth. Large size Cut into smaller pieces to use as lens wipes for glasses, computer screen wipes, and car cleaning wipes.

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