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ThePaint Zoom Paint Sprayer Helps Canada Prepare Homes for the Market

With the recent lift in the housing market, Canadians are getting their homes ready for the critical eyes of potential buyers. That means ensuring the essentials are in tip-top shape. The Paint Zoom paint sprayer is proven to be one of the better options to getting the job done.

TORONTO, Canada – January 18, 2012 – Northern Response International Ltd. (“Northern Response”)introduced the revolutionary Paint Zoom to Canada to help Canadians bring granny’s living room décor to the 21st century. According to the Financial Post, the Canadian housing market is experiencing a sales lift this season which means more people are selling their homes. To help tackle the job, the Paint Zoom™ paint sprayerallows homeowners to significantly cut the time and effort it takes to renew furniture, revamp walls, and improve home exteriors.

Interior designers have been reminding us for years to never underestimate the power of presentation when it comes to selling one’s home. This doesn’t mean putting some fresh flowers or fluffing the cushions, it means putting in a little effort to ensure the basics of a home are in tip-top shape.

One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance the first impression of a home is with paint. Though essential, most homeowners will run in the opposite direction when asked to begin the task. From purchasing rollers to the muscle ache, completing a paint job can be quite costly and strenuous. However, there are options for those with less patience, time and skills.

Rollers and brushes can be quite messy and leave runs, drips and stains. They are also known for the time it takes to complete even the smallest of projects. Hiring a professional is an option if one is willing to dish out the cash. For a less costly alternative, the Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer offer great results with significantly less time and hassle.

The Paint Zoom™ boasts an industrial strength 650-watt motor that delivers enough power for virtually any project. There are three spray options – vertical, horizontal and pin-point – to adjust to the size and shape of the surface. It promises an even, clean-cut coat every time without the mess.

“Paint Zoom™can literally do in minutes, what a regular roller or brush can do in a few hours,” says Meena Verma, the Product Marketing Manager at Northern Response. “It’s a product that is revolutionizing the do-it-yourself paint industry at an affordable price!”

The Paint Zoom™ paint sprayer is made of light, durable material and it includes a carry strap for easy use. Unlike other paint sprayers that almost demand an unlimited supply of paint, Paint Zoom™ promises to deliver just the right amount needed for an even coat. The sprayer can be used on virtually any surface.

With a suggested retail price of $99.99, Paint Zoom™is an affordable option to achieve the look one needs to get their home ready for the market. It’s available in most major Canadian retailers, including Walmart, Zellers and Sears. Canadians can also place an order online securely by visiting:

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