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Televised Home Shopping

Northern Response has placed many products on Home Shopping channels in both English and French Canada and around the world. Our clients reap the benefits of Northern Response’s strong relationships to get more airings per appearance, more frequent appearances and the best show hosts.

Sales to Print Outlets

There are many mail-order catalogues as well as credit card syndication opportunities with various Canadian retailers, banks, and oil companies that sell direct to the consumer. Northern Response’s clientsnot only get access to these important sales channels, but we often create the ad campaigns ourselves. Creating and tweaking media to pull maximum consumer interest is at the core of our business.

DRTV Media - Access to Airtime

No one has sold more infomercial products in Canada than Northern Response – not even close! Your company benefits by using Northern Response because we specialize in buying English and French Canadian media. Due to our early involvement in the industry, we have long-term access to a substantial amount of quality TV airtime. Our media team applies years of station profiling experience ensuring your product gets exposed to the viewers most likely to make a purchase.