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A uniquely blended fiber weave for optimal softness,

durability, and absorption.

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Streak-Free, and Lint-Free

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Molly's Miracle Cloth

works on almost any surface 

What people love about

Molly's Marvelous Cleaning Cloth

  • JD

"Better than expected"

"I am a window and mirror fanatic. Have tried every cloth out there including the Ultimate clothes. They all seem to leave a film, and requires a final wipe with a dry cloth.

I bought it and I washed them and let them air dry. Then I put one in warm water, wring it out as much as you can and gave it a try on two very large mirrors in a bathroom. Walked away, came back a few minutes later. Very pleasantly surprised. There was no leftover film. I plan to order more as I like to keep one in different rooms. Ultimate test will be car window. Can't wait to try"

  • Annmarie

"You don't have to wipe the windows dry after cleaning them with the wet Molly Cloth"

"I absolutely LOVE these things. I couldn't believe you could walk away from the wet window and it dries without a streak. No wonder these are called "miracle cloths"! 

I had to buy some for my friends because they wouldn't believe my raves. What fun to hear the amazement from them when they find out I wasn't exaggerating. They're great on stainless steel and many other things too."

  • CalMooMama

"Unbelievable, You gotta try this"

I am so impressed with this cloth, just reordered more and find myself telling everyone I know about them. I cut my cloths in half, it’s just more manageable that way. My kids use them too, which I love because no chemicals are needed to make this magic cleaning cloth work. Can’t say enough good about it, I’m a huge fan of this little thing!

I hope someone out there found this review helpful and that you all get just as much use (and joy!) out of this product as I do!!

Shop Now and Get Free Shipping across Canada and USA 

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