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Landing Pages

Northern Response designs and implements successful landing pages that guarantees you the highest conversion rates, giving you more orders for every visitor. We also utilize trackable pages, video streaming and on-page order capture. Some benefits of our landing page optimization strategies that will keep you ahead of your competitors include:

  • Lower abandonment rates from a shopping cart free checkout
  • Higher conversions, average order, and upsell rates
  • Individual sites for each ad campaign provide complete synergy and increased sales
  • Leading-edge technology allows you to stream video on your landing page with instant and uninterrupted play
  • Our web team has world class expertise in all areas including graphic design, programming and direct response know-how

Internet Marketing & Retailing

Northern Responsewas a pioneer in creating, managing and selling products online since the internet revolution began. We are experts in SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), affiliate programs, email marketing and website/landing page sales. We tie these together with excellent results and customer service. By orchestrating an aggressive go-to-market strategy, Northern Response explores every online channel to maximize your sales. Whether we are supporting your brand, generating awareness, or driving long-term sales – we’ll create a customized internet marketing plan, specific to your product and your customers.

Social Marketing

Northern Responseutilizes all the latest electronic methods of marketing to promote your product, including social marketing on Youtube, Twitter, Linked in, Facebook, blogging and mobile marketing.

Website Sales

Northern Responseoperates a leading, state-of-the-art Canadian shopping website, “”. Providing consumers with a stress-free way to purchase products online. As a result of spending millions of dollars to promote our website through infomercials, search engines, e-mailings, affiliate programs and other online promotional campaigns, generates a high volume of unique visitors and provides a large selection of products and brands.

Search Engine Marketing

Over 87% of sales online happen as a result of proper search engine optimization strategy, techniques and analysis. Canadians prefer to purchase from local vendors. Northern Response can create .ca domain names and product specific landing pages that will capture this diverse French and English search engine audience and convert them into paying customers. We will market those landing pages by submitting them both organically and via Pay-Per-Click campaigns on every possible search engine, shopping portal, auction site and more. We will assume responsibility for meta tags, keywords, content, updates, streaming video, tracking analysis, hosting and budgets – basically, we will manage the entire campaign to ensure high conversion rates and sales. Only local vendors like Northern Response understand the niche markets that exist in this diverse country and how and where Canadians buy products.

Email Marketing

By sending personalized, more relevant communications that customers want to open, read, and act on — you’ll drive your sales, grow your opt-in subscriber list and improve your ROI. Email marketing with Northern Response is the best way to attract interest in, build desire for, and generate sales of your products and services. That’s why it works! Northern utilizes approved, white listed Email services to send consumer emails to potential clients and customers. We send trusted and relevant communications that have the highest delivery, upsell and response rates. We also track and analyze results.

Affiliate & Banner Ads Program

Imagine hundreds of sites acting as your sales force. With a Cost-per-Action (CPA)performance model, affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the most successful channels for driving revenue online. It is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Northern Response enables you to use every possible affiliate relationship to ensure you maximize sales. Northern Response has relationships with all the major national and international affiliate companies and will get your products in front of even more consumers by utilizing affiliates in Canada. We will create banner ads and content in order to drive visitors to our custom-designed landing pages. We will handle all the accounting and commissions payable to the affiliate companies. This provides you with turn-key sales, consumer awareness and growth.