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  • BluTiger is the amazing new way to get fit all while you sit! This compact seated elliptical machine delivers a power-packed workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

Just Take a Seat & Move Your Feet

BluTiger is super-smooth and whisper-quiet. You control the eight levels of magnetic resistance with the turn of a dial. Workout at any level! Set the light resistance for an easy walking motion. Speed up the pace to mimic jogging. Increase the resistance for some cardio climbing or dial it up even more for intense muscle-building, just like the gym.

With BluTiger, you can burn more calories, build stronger, more toned muscles, and boost your energy levels. Anyone with a sedentary lifestyle needs to use BluTiger!

Product Features


Compact Seated Elliptical

The compact design fits virtually anywhere in your home so you can have a power-packed workout while enjoying your favorite seated activities.


8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

Turn up the dial to increase the intensity of your workout and push yourself to the next level! Just starting out? Start at the lowest setting and gradually increase resistance to burn calories and build and strengthen muscle!


Digital Display

Track your workout progress with the built-in digital display! You can track your calories burned, distance, speed, or time on the elliptical. Use the SCAN feature to cycle through all the options.


Fluid Motion & Large Pedals
 BluTiger’s fluid motion makes it that much easier to pedal. It was designed to give you the best riding experience possible and it’s so easy to use. With large pedals, BluTiger can fit virtually any shoe size.

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