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Precious Pearl - Precious Candle (Love Bouquet)

  • RELAXING Vibe & Atmosphere - Sets the right mood and instantly creates a warm ambiance in any room. Invite your loved ones or alone by yourself, it fills your spirit with peace and joy


  • FRAGRANCE THERAPY - The relaxing scent soothes the nerves and refreshes the mind. Use it while journaling, watching move or taking a bath, it takes stress out of your body to reset your rhythm


  • LONG LASTING - Take advantage of its approximate burn time of 30 hours, to store and reuse as you wish. Let it slowly reveal your dazzling new Precious Pearl Necklace. A perfect gift option for her, whether it’s your mom, daughter, wife or girlfriend, she will love it as a surprise


  • HIDDEN GEM FOR YOU - the package contains 1 Fresh Oyster Pearl in 1 of 5 colors as well as 1 of 4 Precious Pearl Pendants housed in it! (Includes a 20"/50cm Chain). Meaning of the colors of pearls: White (Wisdom), Purple (Wealth), Cream (Success), Peach (Health), and Black (Love)


  • MEASURES 8.5CM X 7CM - Fits any room. Place on heat resistant flat surface and avoid draft. 70% Soybean Wax, 22% Palm Wax, 8% Fragrance. 150g/5.3oz