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Precious Pearl 12 Zodiac

  • EACH PRECIOUS PEARL OYSTER contains one of the following shades:White(Wisdom), Purple(Wealth), Cream(Success), Peach(Health), and Black(Love)


  • FULL 6MM-8MM PEARL hidden in a securely packaged oyster. It's mysterious, fun and different from any necklace you have seen


  • INCLUDES A SILVER FINISHED LOCKET pendant with a 19.5"" chain. It hangs delicately around your neck with the pearl securely staying inside the locket


  • THIS UNIQUE PENDANT NECKLACE is the perfect gift for birthdays, Valentines Day, Mothers Day or just to express your love for the little ones in your family


  • SURPRISE GIFT: The Precious Pearl clam kit is creatively designed. The delicate growth process and culminates in an oyster to transform into a pearl, maintaining its innate beauty, breathtaking luster, and flawless color. The Pearl comes in an unopened oyster shell, creating a mysterious experience. Includes an oyster opening tool to protect your nails