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We Developed Superthotics because chronic pain often originates from feet misalignment, a leading team of UCLA doctors and engineers set out to develop a customizable orthotic to help get people out of pain.

Superthotics are customizable orthotics invented by two leading Podiatrists, Dr. Baravarian and Dr. Briskin from the University Foot and Ankle Institute of Los Angeles. Both Dr. Briskin and Dr. Baravarian realized that while they were helping many patients address their pain with prescription orthotics, they realized they are expensive and often not covered by insurance. So they wanted to make an customizable orthotic that could be available to as many people as possible.

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Superthotics Customizable Orthotic Inserts

Superthotics Customizable Orthotic Inserts

How are Superthotics different? First, our engineers developed the patented customizable Biodynamic Balance inserts designed to keep your arches from collapsing inward. They correct the angle at which your foot strikes the ground, providing a perfect fit for your unique gait. This correction reduces or eliminates pronation/foot collapse inward.

Second, the Bio-Lock Heel Cup was developed to stabilize the heel and ankle, putting your feet into its correct alignment and they are cushioned for extra comfort and shock absorption.

And third, the Metatarsal Arch Supports help reduce pain and improve balance to make walking, hiking, running, standing and just moving, more comfortable. Inserts sold at pharmacies and select retailers do not improve balance are not customizable nor will they correct pronation. This proprietary orthotic is a breakthrough in orthotic technology and available at a fraction of the cost of doctor-prescribed orthotics.

How can Superthotics Help Me? Superthotics is the first-ever doctor-developed orthotic designed to correct alignment of the foot and ankle, putting the body back in alignment thus relieving pain. Superthotics get the body back into alignment by use of a triple-patented technology that simply works!

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Superthotics Customizable Orthotic Inserts


  • Proprietary Patented Design: Unique Biodynamic Balance inserts keep your arches from collapsing and correct the angle at which your foot hits the ground, relieving pain with every step


  • Doctor-Invented Customizable ORTHOTICS - Superior to night splints, our orthotic inserts relieve pain while providing comfort and stability


  • Relieves ALL Kinds of Pain - By putting the foot in the ideal position, they decrease painful arches, bunions, hammer toe, neuroma, tendonitis pain in the arch, and bone spurs


  • Clinically Tested to Relieve Pain - Putting your foot and body back into proper alignment, so it may take some time to adjust to wearing them, unlike flimsy, soft gel or foam inserts. To get the best results, initially wear the orthotics 1 hour the first day, 2-3 hours the second and so on, until you can wear them comfortably all day long. Be patient as your feet and body are adjusting to being in proper alignment. If you experience pain after 3-4 weeks, we recommend you consult your physician


  • Durable Construction - Comfortable, high-tech polymer guaranteed to last a lifetime, or your money back. Just message the manufacturer and we will refund you. Buying from an unauthorized 3rd party voids any and all manufacturer's warranty

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