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Never Cut Yourself On A Sharp Lid Again! Manual can openers and electric can openers leave a dangerously sharp and jagged lid when it cuts into your can, which can seriously hurt you.

Now you can safely and easily remove lids from your cans with Safety Can Express, the new electric can opener that never leaves a sharp edge. It pops the top off and leaves perfectly smooth edges on the lid and the can. And after it’s open, the lid stays put. It won’t spill a drop until you pop the top!

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Safety Can Express

Safety Can Express

Safety Can Express Removes Lids Differently. Other can openers use blades to cut the lid, leaving razor-sharp edges. Safety Can Express, on the other hand, uses a steel roller driven by powerful gears to break that seal open without cutting into the lid. You’re left with edges that are incredibly smooth. It's so effective you can even reuse lids to seal the can for leftovers!

Safety Can Express works on virtually any can, even odd-shaped cans, pop-top cans, and dented cans. Incredibly Easy to Use. Simply place your can so it locks into place, then press the lever down. It will automatically stay down, making it hands-free! Then, when you're ready to release your can, just pull the lever back into the up position.

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Safety Can Express


  • SMOOTH EDGE CAN OPENER: Other can openers are dangerous. They leave sharp edges on the can and lid that can cause injury. Safety Can Express opens your can without leaving dangerous sharp edges on the lid or the can! In fact, the edges are so smooth you won’t pop a balloon! Finally, you don't have to worry about cutting yourself on that sharp edge!


  • CAN LID STAYS IN PLACE: How many times have you opened a can to have the lid fall inside or create a mess? With Safety Can Express, your lid stays in place until you're ready to remove it, preventing spills and messes. Just pop the top after you release the can.


  • CAN OPENER UNSEALS EDGES: Safety Can Express is different because it doesn't cut into your can or lid. Rather, it uses a steel roller driven by powerful gears to break that seal open without cutting into the lid. You’re left with edges that are incredibly smooth.


  • REUSE THE LIDS: Have leftovers in that can? Why make another dish? Cans opened with Safety Can Express can reuse the lids to save leftovers. Try it on opened canned dinners or wet pet food that can easily spoil. You'll save money and time!


  • EFFORTLESS OPERATION: Our safety can opener is so incredibly easy to use. Just place the can and press the button down. There's very little effort needed, making Safety Can Express a great choice for those with arthritis, gripping issues, or loss of movement and mobility in their hands! There’s no more squeezing handles, no twisting your wrist.


  • LOCKS CANS IN PLACE: Safety Can Express's powerful magnet locks your can in place so it won't slip or fall while the electric can opener removes your lid, making for a hands-free can opening experience!


  • ONE-TOUCH EASY PUSH LEVER: Our ergonomically-designed easy push lever requires very little effort to press down. Once it's pressed, it stays down so you can go hands-free while opening your can. Just one touch is all you need! To remove your can, simply pull the lever up into its original position.

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