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Molly's Marvelous

Molly's Marvelous Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths

  • 【Versatile】 Molly’s wood microfiber dish cloth is an excellent cleaning tool for preventing odor growing. This cleaning cloth is made up of 8 layers of wood fiber that absorb dirt and grease from many different surfaces of your home. Cleaning stains with Molly’s wood fiber cloth is sufficient; no further chemicals are needed. Works great on all furniture, counter tops, metal, tiles


  • 【Durable】 Our cloths will not wear out or break due to its strong fiber cohesion and increased tensile strength. Furthermore, all stains are readily removed, and the fabrics always appear new.


  • 【Ultra Absorbent】 Molly’s wood fiber dish clothes is the most absorbent and breathable of most textile fibers. The cross-section of wood fiber is hollow, covered with large and small irregular holes that can absorb and evaporate a significant amount of water in an instant, and its water absorption is three times that of cotton, due to its excellent permeability and transportability.


  • 【Ease of Cleaning】 There is no need for detergent. Wood fiber dish cloth has an irregular sector structure, numerous irregular gaps between fiber combination arrangements. It attracts dirt and oils and has a very high hydrophilicity due to its nature.


  • 【Eco-Conscious】 Are you looking for environmentally conscious cleaning products? Molly’s Marvelous is your choice! You may reduce the negative effects on the environment by eliminating paper towels. Choose Molly's Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths! It is ideal for your cleaning needs around the house.